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Wedding Photography q & a: Featuring Nachiket Pimprikar! Instant insider info!

Wedding Photography q & a: Featuring Nachiket Pimprikar!

We caught up with Nachiket Pimprikar, the man behind the lens that’s captured so many smiles and tears. His images capture the depths of emotions and his passion towards his art. But most importantly, his images are always intelligent pieces that are unmistakably Nachiket.

How he so cleverly dabbles in colours with an affinity towards minimalism, we will never know! What we do know is, answers to some very pertinent questions!

Q1: What is your photography style?

Nachiket: Minimal. I believe in the concept of ” Less is more “. Less distractions in a composition more the focus on the subject.

Q2: What according to you are the top 3 locations in Bombay for a pre-wedding shoot?

Nachiket: I am a huge fan of the art deco style in Bombay, the facades truly capture the essence of Bombay. Location and lighting co-exist, I prefer shooting in natural lighting conditions, so my top 3 would be:

  • Khotachi Wadi, Girgaon, a beautiful place for photography and just to visit.
  • Horniman Circle, Fort, the entire area has a beautiful light in the mornings.
  • The inner lanes lanes of Bandra, especially, Pali Village, Chapel Road etc and of course Bandra Fort.

Q3: What do you think are 2 wedding poses that are super outdated?

Nachiket: “The Twirl” and “The making of a heart with the couple’s hands”.

Q4: Which colour palette do you think looks the best in pictures?

Nachiket: Pastel colours more than the traditional Orange, Reds etc, I prefer  Mint Green, Pink and Blue to be very specific.

Q5: What would be your dream location to shoot at?

Nachiket: Ooty is definitely a dream location. It’s absolutely gorgeous, especially from October to  December. Creating images with nature and people is liberating as an artist.

Q6: Lastly, favourite wedding image you’ve taken!

Nachiket: This was an easy answer! This is one of my favourite images that I’ve taken. Brian and Meera, the couple featured here, are close friends of mine. A natural candid, there’s just so much love in this picture, it was overwhelming for me as a photographer, a friend and an onlooker!


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