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Wearing Stripes On Stripes Yes, we went there.

How To Wear Stripes On Stripes This Spring Summer 2017

This may sound like the start of a bad dare, but have faith. Break away from the ‘stripes rule’ that has ruled our wardrobes since eternity. Learn to pair verticals with horizontals, broads with slims and how to stick to the basics. Stripes are afterall, the most versatile and the most classic of all prints!


What Would Olivia Do? If you’re going to wear your stripes in the same direction make sure one has a little more spacing than the other and is possibly in a different shade. Also, keep the silhouettes non-fussy! It’s not a nail-in-the-coffin rule that you need to wear baggy with fitted.

New York Fashion Week

Speaking of nails, J. Crew absolutely smashed their NYFW Spring 2016 collection. So did Milly for her resort wear collection 2016. And since the designers usually set the fashion norms that trickle down to us, we shouldn’t argue. They matched super broad stripes with super slim ones like a super pro. So trippy!

Texture Cocktail

Your summer BFF, your striped tee! If you aren’t big on pairing it with striped bottoms you can opt for some on your shoulder instead. Or even a big flouncy striped hat to tackle and taser the heat in style. Throw in some colour, or a chunky neckpiece for a melting pot of high fashion.


Opting for co-ords is very easy. No fuss about matching stripes and the shebang. All you need to mind is your accessories. Opt for high waist bottoms if baring your midriff is something you aren’t comfortable about.

1D + 1

Not a fan of One Direction? Here’s two direction for you! Take that fashion risk you’ve always wanted to and mix your stripes! A one piece with two-directional stripes is what we’re talking about. It really does help in slimming a silhouette, especially if it’s a skater style. Besides, lazy girls unite, since the hassle of accessorising is next to zero, with a clutch being enough.

Colourful Fancies

Layering may not be a priority during the summers, but if you’re out for the night, why not? Go big and bold and incorporate some colours to add a pinch of fun. In which case, you might want to stick to unidirectional stripes. You wouldn’t want to look like a colourful chessboard, ‘eh?

Work Mode On

Let your co-workers know you’re all about the business. Slaying at work might seem a tad bit difficult, but if you have our rulebook handy, it shouldn’t be. If it’s either horizontal or vertical stripes only, make sure one is bolder than the other, or more spaced out. Same applies if you’re mixing directions.

Sundays = Fun days

Hitting the beach anytime soon? You know what to wear now. What’s your take on a striped monokini and a matching floppy hat? It’s not risky and you’re going to look tres chic by the sun and sands. And if it’s a night scene at the beach we’re talking about, a long high-slit skirt and a matching top should do the needful.

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