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The 12 Items You Need To Pack For A Fall Holiday 'Cuz it's a holiday, not a biz-leisure trip.

The 12 Items You Need To Pack For A Fall Holiday

Pack right and travel light. Since getaways are few and farther apart than we’d like, it’s crucial to get it right. So, here’s a list of stuff you must pack for a short trip, trumping a list of stuff you must not.

Backpacks > Big Sling Bags

Call it our innate desi-ness but we are always trying to pack about 3 stones more than the capacity of our bag. Stop. There are some amazing expandable backpacks out there. Choose from leather, faux leather, canvas and even printed. Choose from preppy tones and neutral hues. Leave your sling bag alone and pack well.

Criss-cross/Pool Sliders > Flip flops

Flip flops had once become the ultimate symbol of casual-cool. That time has thankfully passed and we have alternatives that actually flatter our feet. Plus, the tan lines are just not worth it. So, pack pool or criss-cross sliders instead, and you’ll notice the difference they make to your outfit.

Mocassins > Loafers

Mocassins, whether leather, fabric, tasseled, or coloured are always a better option than loafers. While loafers were all the rage about a year back, they have been around for a while now. Let’s give them a rest and pack their much classier cousin. Mocassins transition beautifully from formal to casual, from trousers to shorts too. So that’s not a worry either.

White Sneakers > Boat Shoes/Espadrilles

If your vacation demands a casual look – and it will, one too many times – white sneakers are the answer to your prayers. Clean and minimal, they go with all kinds of casual wear. Yes, even the ones without a hint of white in it. Also, it’s good to have a pop of colour at the end of your outfit, it makes for a good surprise!

Basic Monotone T-shirt > Noisy/Graphic Print T-shirt

A getaway automatically translates to vast greenery, endless time on our hands, lazy trips to the market and extendable chilling. Why introduce clothes then that are noisy, graphic and will basically interrupt the calm of your vacation? Pack basic monotones such as white, grey, olive green and tan. Plain t-shirts are always the easiest to style anyway!

Breton T-shirts > Pastel Half Sleeve Shirt

Half sleeve shirts are not everyone’s cup of tea. They are not the easiest item to style and might make you look lanky at times. Who needs that stress on a vacation? Hence, pack a couple of Breton t-shirts. With wide, horizontal stripes in white and indigo, these are sure to not just flatter you, but also the bottoms you decide to haphazardly put on that day.

Black Jumper > Shiny, Party Shirts

There might be a one off night where you stop lazing around and actually decide to pay visit to a club, pub or other such owlish joys. Keep your shiny, party, satiny shirts at home or bury them under a banyan tree. Because a black jumper/cardigan serves the purpose very well. It is comfortable, stylish, and does not give off creepy vibes too! What a winner!

Pastel Printed Shorts > Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are not just passe, they also make a good point about how no one in this world needs so many pockets. They also look bulky and fussy. Pick  and pack pastel shorts, denim shorts or printed shorts instead. Classier and lighter, these are perfect to be paired up with the options we’ve given you. You can opt for a motif that you like, or keep them simple and streamlined.

Linen Shorts > Chino Pants

Because of the fabric, style and cut, chinos have slowly and gradually seeped in as formal wear of the hour. Hence, wearing them while on a getaway seems slightly futile. You don’t need the office desk memories associated with them when you are aspiring to having fun. Enter linen shorts. The fabric is light and airy, will dry quickly and is there even a need to mention the fall of it?

Black Round Double Rim Sunglasses > Ray Bans

While they are a classic, Ray Bans entered the basic mainstream market 5 years ago, exactly how Royal Enfields unfortunately currently are. So, experiment a little while on a vacay, forget your Ray Bans at home, ditch those wayfarers for once and go all out with black round glasses. Bonus points if they are double rim reflectors.

Woven Belt > Leather Belt

Even with its tiny existence oven belt spells put-together, but fun, polished but spontaneous. Pack a colour that goes with your shorts, shoes and jumpers. Leather belts are meant for boardrooms and club nights, office cubicles and reluctantly attended soirees. Basically, they are way too reminiscent of the city life that you are desperately trying to claw out of.

Denim Jacket > Sweaters

If your holiday plans are all about visiting a chillier place than the city you currently live in, you must have thought about getting your sweaters out from your bed trunk. There’s no need for that. Denim jackets will do just as well. (Read: infinitely better). Throw them over t-shirts, cardigans, jumpers, button them up or even button them down. Just leave the sweaters at home.


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