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Why Thrasher Is About To Blow Up Your Instagram Feed Change your ~aesthetic~.

Why Thrasher Is About To Blow Up Your Instagram Feed

Combine skateboarding and fashion, and you’ve got Thrasher – which, of course, needs no introduction! Synonymous with everything hot and trending, Thrasher stays true to its signatory flames logo. In case you lived in a cave and missed hearing about Thrasher, the brand or Thrasher the magazine, this read is for you!

We know what you’re thinking; how did Thrasher go from being a niche skateboarding magazine-merchandiser to a coveted fashion statement? Well, nothing travels faster than a trendy street style outfit.

Loved By Hollywood Celebs & Models

Apart from hardcore skateboarders, Thrasher enjoys popularity amongst the icons of fashion and style. AND Rihanna. Well, I’ll be damned if what Riri wears doesn’t hit the streets the very next day. Despite the founder – James Phelps’ – unmasked disapproval of non-skaters sporting Thrasher T-shirts and Thrasher hoodies, the trend shows zero signs of dying down. On the contrary, it’s become the go-to brand for models off the runway.


Channeling ‘Skater’ Vibes

Typically, skateboarding was thought of as a sport that rebels indulge in. People who show a strong disdain for rules, basically. So, according to society, skateboarders = outcasts. In fact, in the 80s, the term ‘thrash’ was associated with skate-loving youth of the time. And when skateboarders were seen in Thrasher, it was readily adopted by those looking to pull off a ‘bad boy/girl’ look.

Are you humming ‘He was a skater boy, she said see ya later boy’ by now too? If you don’t want to all out yet, just get one of those classic Thrasher caps!


Wardrobe Staple Of The Rebellious Youth

Skaters are conventionally believed to be creative, with a not so subtle rebel streak. It was only natural that people would want a slice of that appeal. It became the go-to brand for misfits and rebels (which is the majority of us today!) of all kinds. Not to mention the disparate skategoat print, which comes with its own sets of interpretations. But as our generation evolved, Thrasher became a brand that everyone wanted to own a piece of! No wonder you wish to flaunt your Thrasher stickers and Thrasher Accessories.


Copied By The Likes Of H&M And Forever 21

There are few brands, which have been copied as much in the mainstream fashion realm as Thrasher. Fast fashion brands such as H&M and Forever 21 also have been found guilty of weaving the iconic Thrasher font into some of their tees. The font, a typical arch, with flames shooting out of the top of every letter, is exclusive to Thrasher. Blatantly adopted by famous millennial brands, this probably vaguely justifies Mr. Phelps’ disapproval of non-skaters sporting Thrasher clothing.

Yes, it did spark some legal battles, but you see the point.

With all this going on, don’t you think it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe with Thrasher? And with STYFI being the exclusive partner of Thrasher in India, you’re in luck! Get yours today, available only at our online Thrasher shop.


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