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Let’s Talk About The Trend You’re Subconsciously Following The more you know...

Let's Talk About The Trend You're Subconsciously Following

How often does your outfit fall under the same colour palette or the same colour family? If you were unbeknownst to this pattern you’re following, we suggest you keep a keen eye on what you ‘blindly’ pick from your closets.

Termed as monochrome, it sure is a great way to channel an outfit that says power and magnetism. However, it also is that much easier to get stuck in a rut when dealing with monochromes. A trend that a lot of men are guilty of, it is also a trend that looks assertive and dapper. However, you may need a break from the lack of variation in your monochromes. Deconstruct your outfit, thus.

Sling Bag

Add a touch of street swag to your look by pairing it with a deep coloured leather (or not!) sling bag. Sling bags are convenient and subtle while the abundance of zippers make it easy to store all your essentials. With varying sizes, lengths of straps, a sling bag may be formal or casual. But what it will definitely do is keep your style game on point!


Coloured Bowtie

Give your classic formal look an air of class-eh. Whoever still thinks coloured bow ties are too fancy, hasn’t probably experienced the joy of admiring glances and extensive compliments. So maybe it’s time you make the switch, take the lead and let people follow in your stylish footsteps. After all you can always start with some classics, basics and gentle subtles.


Tan Formal Footwear

Let it be a given that people judge appearances based on your shoes. So, maybe it’s time you go one up on your formal footwear and dress for the occasion. Tan is a colour that has seen a massive resurgence in the all categories of footwear. The reason being that tan is the only colour that goes well with monochromes even if they are black, white, grey, blue or any other. Hint: It’s even better if it’s tan monk shoes.



Suspenders, are one accessory that you feel amazing wearing, but are always relegated to the back of a shopping wishlist. Bring back the old world charmers and get with the cool kid on the block, by simply clipping on a pair. You could opt for colours such as faded green, blue or grey or even one with motifs or stripes on it.


Pocket Square

True, these pint sized pieces of fabric can absolutely transform the way you look and the way you will be perceived. One of the most brilliant ways to break the monotony of an outfit, try these in a contrasting colour and print from that of your suit. Rose quartz and serenity are good options since the represent 2016. On the other hand, sea greens, mustards, marsalas, crimsons, azures and peaches and apricots with paisleys, and other generally crowded motifs are also a good idea.


Bomber Jacket

When in doubt, opt for a bomber, seemed to be the mantra of the designers ruling the runway. And while earlier black and browns were the only option we had, they have all but reinvented themselves now. Think plaids, velvets, embroidered, patch worked, vintage copies and such. The new bombers are nothing like the older ones. So, get them in a bold colour, design or pattern for the general betterment of your closet.


Checkered Stole

A common mistake would be to assume that monochromes only refer to formal suit sets and blazers and other stuffy attires. Far be it from fashion to take you on a spin like that. Monochromes can also be semi formals and casuals, which are even harder to style. But a checked stole takes your hard work right off the window. You could also take your monochromes for an upscale-spin and tuck your stole in like a cravat! Plaid, tartan and grids are definitely on the fashion block at the moment.


Desert Boots

If all else fails, desert boots are the ones to do it right by. Look effortless by opting for a pair in the colour closest to the colour family you are dabbling in. Since these make for a slightly grungy appearance, they are perfect for semi casuals or formals at relaxed occasions. But, if you are bent over backwards trying to fit them in your formal routine, make sure the crop and fall of your trousers complements them.



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