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6 Reasons Why Your Street Cred Is About To Shoot Up Blame It On Thrasher

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Are you a ‘Thrasher’ ‘thrashing’ around to find your space in the new order of the fashion world? Are you lost in the wilderness of trends and brands and are looking for something that would make your outfit ‘flames’ again? Well we’ve only got the (skate) G.O.A.T. for you.

For those who did not understand the very subtle and well timed puns, Thrasher magazine, the iconic skateboard brand is coming to India courtesy an exclusive partnership with STYFI.

You know what that means? Your wardrobe is about to shine bright, just like their flames logo. Here’s why!

The Origin Of The Bad Boy

Thrasher was originally meant as a magazine-merchandiser for skateboarders and skateboarding. It was a brand by and for rebels, outcasts and the general public, who had little regard for authority and rules. But, as skateboarding gained popularity, the style and – consequently the brand – carved a fashion subculture niche for itself. Adopted and adapted by people who fancied themselves as bad boys and girls, there’s been no looking back for the brand ever since.


The Relevance Of Thrasher Today

Look around you! Whether it is street style or runway, the focus today is on ‘logomania’, ‘nostalgia’ and ‘hype’. Monogrammed goods are doing better than before. Thrasher, having been around since 1981, is the perfect 80s brand to make a comeback. It checks all three boxes and is the right amount of minimalist yet monogrammed.


Important Street Cred Stuff

Street Cred. noun. “acceptability among fashionable young urban people.”

With men’s fashion being where it is right now, there’s a running theme between the younger members of this gender. Today’s met-residing youths strive for a whole lot of street cred with their choices in the apparel and accessories category. The power of a sense of belonging to a pack of like minded, well dressed wolves should not be underestimated. Especially during such turbulent political times when acceptance means everything.


Fashion Veteran Approved

You know a brand is approved when it’s been donned by off duty models, editors and front row guests. Well, Thrasher as a trendy streetwear brand assumes the perfect balance between being wildly popular among senior stylists, yet celebrating its niche amongst the masses. And, you know what they say – Dress for the job you want to have (or like the people you want to look!). Ready to order your Thrasher T-shirts yet?


F/W Approved

Fall – Winter is upon us which, as a resident of Bombay I can tell you, is a separate festival demanding and deserving of only the best. This season, say no to mass produced bulls**t. Don’t look like every other guy entering the mall. Say yes to Thrasher hoodies and embrace a new hype.


Flow In The Fluidity Of Fashion

With fashion being more fluid between genders, Thrasher comes bearing the right goodies. It’s got hoodies, sweatshirts, shorts and snapbacks that are perfect for everyone. So, clapback against authority this season and adopt a world more progressive and less political. Thrasher, with its history of breaking rules makes for the perfect brand to make a (social) statement (or lack thereof). If you wish to make a more subtle statement, Thrasher accessories have got your back. Get your exclusive merchandise from Thrasher online in India, only on STYFI!


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