Shop From This Brand When You’re Feeling Political AF It’s the need of the hour.

Shop From This Brand When You’re Feeling Political AF

If there’s one thing that’s taken a dramatic turn in the past couple of years, it’s the social commentary, worldwide. Earlier, things were more quiet yet disgustingly closeted. Today, we’re finally talking about the issues that’ve been plaguing us since, yeah forever!

The political turmoil, economic meltdown and social clapback, have got people across the seven seas and oceans uniting in a show of powerful strength. We, the commoners have grabbed the mic and how!

This show of resilience is reflected in the fashion choices people are making worldwide. Check out the brand, that will let you scream what’s on your mind.

Feminism FTW

If you’re not a feminist, then you’re a problem. I mean, why would you not want to believe in the equality of genders? Toxic patriarchy harms us all and it’s time we bid the nasty habit ta-ta! In these Haul T-shirts, you will find images of women, taking their sexuality in their own hands. Powerful images in monochrome show women up in arms against practices bogging us down since millennia!

Famously, Pretentiously Rich

Is there any feeling worse than hopping on to Instagram when you’re down low, and checking out the lives of your peers, all shiny and happy? It’s lies guys, it’s all lies. We’re all struggling with money, social validation, love, fame and itsy bitsy things that truly won’t matter when the world ultimately burns down. The thing to remember though is, we’re all in this together. So, next time, wear your heart on your sleeve with Haul Apparel.

Existential Angst

It’s the return of the Rakshasas. With the way things are going, we see demons everywhere. Their spirit made stronger by corrupt people in power. It’s time we show them that we see them, we refuse to be them, and one day, we will take them down. Haul Apparel shows you what to wear, when you’re feeling particularly insurgent!

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