Style Secrets As Told By Desi Men In The Fashion Biz It’s time for a joyride.

Style Secrets As Told By Desi Men In The Fashion Biz

Despite what you may think, closet experimentation is neither uncommon nor difficult. It’s a new day, and a long life to be donning similar (same?) attire repeatedly for the next 50 odd years. So, carpe diem, it’s time you played out a couple of sartorial secrets by the ear.

Bleach Your Whites

Out of all the secrets listed here, this is a 2 minute exercise. Once a month, be sure to wet your whites in a bucket of water, with 2 cups of bleach overnight and then put them in the machine. Do it once a while for that fresh vibe, don’t do it so often that you end up harming your fabric.Bleach your whites.

Starch Your Kurtas

Yes, this could be a reason why your ethnic attire looks dramatically run down. Starching your kurtas will make you look crisper, more awake and more put together. Revive your dead ones then, and you might not even need to go shopping for new stuff.

More (Indian) Prints

Stripes and checks be damned and dusted. Why still be hungover from the prints from the yesteryears? The Brits left about half a century ago. There are so many exciting Indian prints to choose from. Paisley and Ikat, Ajrakh and Varak. Start with solids and monochromes if this is too much of a leap for you.

Quirky Socks

More of a hack than a secret tbh. Your workplace may strip you of your spirit by frowning upon any sort of ‘fun’ clothes. For rule breaking \m/ folks who are also trend inclined, quirky socks are having a moment. Don these and watch your colleagues follow suit. You can buy some here!Quirky socks for men

Linen Loving

Sure cotton and its hybrids are perfect for the sun season. But cotton gets really shabby, very swiftly. Say hello to your summertime saviour. Linen is handsome, dependable and leads a double life with professional mornings and flirty evenings.


We’ve been blessed with darzis in every alley, make good use of them. One of the best people in your contacts could be your local masterji. For formal and ethnic occasions, a tailored outfit will make a world of a difference. There’s nothing more charming than clothes that look custom made.

Tailor your clothes.

Embrace Minimalism

Minimalism may strike you as a passing trend, for those with the luxury of time. However, make no mistake it’s here to stay. Its greatness lies in its low maintenance and high impact value proposition. Clean lines, no logos, and goodbye graphic prints.

Sustainable Fashion

Embrace the goodness of the soul of fashion. Be kind to yourself and the earth by shopping fashion that’s ethically made and with environment friendly fabrics. Cut down on fashion wastage and pour your heart into a good cause.

Dabble In Jewellery

The 90s probably scarred you with overblown studs and excruciatingly shady chain bracelets. Say no to Mr. COOL a.k.a SRK from KKHH. Shop minimal finger rings that make an impact, leather bracelets that tell a tale, lapel pins and formal brooches. After all, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Shop for your favourite pieces here!

Investment Pieces

If you still think closet revamp costs a bomb, you need to get your head out the sand. There are so many brands today that engage in men’s styles, follow all major current trends, and don’t cost a lung and a kidney. That said, you must know where to spend your hard-earned savings at.


Let it slide amidst your lady friends that yes, you moisturise and watch the j(aws) drop. Men who moisturise are people we need more of. So, let’s ban chapped everything because dusty elbows and flaky lips only look good on corpses.

Indulge & Accept

Stop being such a clothes-ist. Try being more inclusive and risque. Start indulging in things that are unlike any you currently own. Transcend the boundaries of structured fall and fit cuts, and prepare for fluid and whimsical asymmetry, oversized and relaxed.

Experiment with prints such as macro checks and mini dusted and patterns such as non-pleated or ankle-crops. Sure, it might take you a tutorial but, buy those white jeans, don those Chelsea boots and try out that turtleneck. It’ll be fun, we promise.


Cover image courtesy of Vitrag Mehta, The Style Dweller.


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