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Saree Tricks And Tips To Make You Look Younger A garment that has seen more character development than Meredith Grey.

Saree Tricks And Tips To Make You Look Younger

What are the pros and cons of wearing a saree? Pros: You get to wear a saree. Cons: You got to wear a saree. But, what if we told you our beloved 6 yards has gone the whole way and come out the other side, younger, stronger and fuss-free than ever before.


Conversational prints and motifs such as flamingoes, bees and Buddha and animal prints will serve you well to look like someone who just graduated college! Other than that geometric, graphic, polka dots and checkered are some solid options if they have a good play of contrast colours. When it comes to art, kaleidoscopic, abstract and ombre will present a good play of colours while presenting a modern sensibility. If there’s something Indian your heart craves, do look at options such as bandhani or leheriya sarees. Those are pretty, youthful and so exuberant!

But, if texture is something your heart desires, go forth with foliage. The play of floral, florals and leaves in garden inspired colours looks vintage and beautiful.


When it comes to colours, it’s easy to pick the ones that are typical of sarees. However, if looking younger is the game you’re trying to play, opt for cool colours. Although warm colours bring Indian skin tones to life, cool colours have a soothing, calming effect. But, if you’re fixated on warm colours, opt for pastels. They’re fun and easy. Vibrant solids such as midnight blue, fuschia pink work very well too.


Let’s crop khadi, cotton and other Indian weaves such as Paithani, Ikat, Patola, Jamdani, Bagru and Maheshwari out of the picture. They will make you look older because of their appeal, their audience and their colours. Chiffon and georgette with a mix of lace are excellent replacements. But, if you’re worried they will turn your saree into a bodycon, then crepe is your ideal solution. It will subtract 10 years from you, while managing to fall in a manner that’s flattering.


Forget the round, V and U necklines. Comfortable sleeves such as trumpets and bells are all the rage. Collared blouses whether mandarin or otherwise that resemble shirts in solids are perfect. What’s even better though are crop tops in rib fabrics, in-cut sleeveless blouses, boat neck and off shoulders. If you’re a fan of some hardcore experimentation, choose embellished blouses for solid sarees or complementary tones. What’s more, you could even replace your blouse with a jacket if it comes to that!


As a potential fashionista, it’s your duty to say no to potlis and those boring and normative metallic wedges. Replace them with chain sling bags and boots. Or structured messenger bags and boots. Whatever suits your whim and fancy basically! Solid coloured footwear such as trainers in rose gold, or metallic copper, or brogues in suede or velvet are a good way to fuse two sections of your closet. Also, don’t be afraid to wear a belt under your bust or on your waist, if you think that will lend a good fall to your saree.

Style of Draping

The typical style of draping a 6 yard saree apparently is a very last season thing to do. What you can do instead is sling your pallu as low as your waist when it’s proceeding towards your shoulder. Alternately, single pleat pallus by themselves or pleats that run down the other shoulder and down towards your feet look gorgeous and let you show off your blouses. Although if outside the box is where you reside, then ankle length sarees, saree pants or asymmetric drapes are all stunning options and guaranteed to shock!


Although I love them, my first instinct is to automatically look through ladies sporting chandbaalis with their sarees. That style deserves a much needed vacation. Choose art deco with shoulder dusters, and replace studs and tops with ear cuffs for better fashion cred. And if it’s too hot or jewellery is a hackneyed concept to you, skip earrings and necklaces altogether and choose maang teekas combined with body chains.


Sarees by themselves are quite simple, however with fusion experiments and contemporary design techniques, they are evolving and appealing more to youth. While I don’t recommend following all the 7 steps in one go, for one ensemble there are certain other things you can do to earn some brownie points! A sheer cape over your blouse, leather blouses, mules as footwear are all easy ways to one up your game. And if you still want your saree to look like the epitome of femininity, think frilled pallus and ruffled blouses in gorgeous powder pinks and lilacs!


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