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How To Revamp Your Stay-At-Home Attire In 0 Budget Ways Budget approved wardrobe hacks!

How To Revamp Your Stay-At-Home Attire In 0 Budget Ways

Are you one of the rare few who’d rather stay in on a Saturday night, than go to one of those party things? I relate. While ‘home’ means freedom, space, binging and cuddling, it is not an excuse to let the lazy reflect in your outfits. You only need to do put in a teeny bit of effort into it. And if you’re worried about your bank credit, don’t, ‘cuz you will realise these outfits are already stowed in your wardrobes.

Pro Tip: Some of these outfits can even work for your outings or dates.

Good Old T-shirt Dresses

Bless that brilliant soul who made T-shirt dresses a thing. While offering all the comforts of a T-shirt, they turn your ‘no pants mood’ into acceptable societal norms. Whether it’s working-from-home, or just a dose of ‘Netflix & Chill’, you can’t go wrong with the classic T-shirt dresses. Going out? All you need is to strap on a pair of sneakers, and head right out!


Oversized Hoodies

With winter around the corner, whip out those hoodies that are collecting dust. Albeit fleeting, Indian winters give you the chance to flaunt your oversized hoodies, even while you’re home. Go bra-less under that big furry monster and wrap yourself in the blanketing warmth of an oversized hoodie!

Pro tip – Longish hoodies make for great hoodie dresses!


T-Back / Tank + Palazzo Pants

If you thought your old palazzo pants were past their prime, you may want to think again. They can come in handy for the days when you want to stay in. Throw on a plain T-back over your palazzo, and that’s about it! It takes little effort, and manages to do away with the sloppiness of your other loungewear outfits. Whether it is a solid palazzo or a printed one, you can match them with any of your tank tops or T-backs.

Highlight – If you have an ethnic, printed palazzo, you can add a pair of tassel earrings, a bindi, and a solid dupatta to complete your look. No more wardrobe dilemmas for when you have to head out.


PJs + Crop Tops

Life is better in PJs, and you know it. Bid goodbye to your oversized tees, and try teaming your PJs with a classic crop top for a truly flattering appeal! This holds true for PJ shorts as well.

The only rule you need to heed is – Printed PJs go well with plain crop tops, and vice versa!


An Old Kurta

This is probably the idea that sparked the concept of T-shirt dresses, but works well by itself too. Whether your kurta is loose or a fitting one, basic or embellished, you need nothing else for a cool, breezy ‘chill’ outfit. Now you know that comfort doesn’t necessarily mean sloppy!


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