6 Green Diwali Ideas To Tip You Over Let's ensure that the grass is always green!

6 Green Diwali Ideas To Tip You Over

Diwali – A festival fueled by positivity, joy, vigour and goodwill. But let’s take a minute to ponder over the way we celebrate Diwali. Is the ‘festival of lights’ really helping light up the world? Every time a cracker goes off, the world moves closer to a seemingly inevitable doom.

So, if you want to cleanse your conscience, with no dent in your budget and time, these six DIYs will suffice (in addition to ditching crackers, of course). It also helps that these hacks are nearly 0 budget.

Orange Peel Lamps & Diyas

If you’re sick of the brown, clay diyas that have graced your house every Diwali, say hello to all-organic orange peel diyas. Besides being extremely eco-friendly, they also give off a subtle, citrus-y aroma that scented candles can’t. All you need is a bunch of shapely orange peels, deft fingers, and some oil – et voila! The stem part of the orange acts like a wick. Just pour a bit of oil around it, and light it up.

You can also fashion a beautiful orange lamp out of it. Just take the remainder of the peel, carve any shape you want on it, and cover the diya.

FYI, perks include fresh oranges to binge on!


Old Sarees, New Curtains!

Let’s not forget the fact that old clothes have sentimental values. There are some sarees that are too pretty to just throw away (or cut apart *hush*). Well, why not replace your old curtains with them? Even better if you have old linen, khadi or plain sarees that can easily pass off as classy new curtains. What’s more? It will also have your guests wondering where you got such lovely curtains from!


‘Can’ Do It: Lamps

Craving a detour from your old lamps that see the light of sun only during Diwalis? Think can lamps. Put your lot of stowed cans to good use! A great way to turn them into home decor during festivities is by gouging carefully patterned holes in the can, and inserting a little yellow bulb inside. You can play around with the kinds of patterns too. Not only do these can lamps look great, but also make for some classy decor.

You can also paint the can from outside to give it a finished touch.


Tetra Pack Hangings

Wondering what to do with all those juice and milk tetra packs that are claiming the kitchen territory? Similar to can lamps, you can turn your used tetra packs into some dainty pieces of home decor this Diwali. If you’re a plant person, you can even use tetra packs as pots to hold your plants in. Do away with those plastic pots for good. You can also transform the into pretty candle holders, and hang them by the wall!


Mason Jar Candles

The prettiest of all things DIY, and my personal favourite, are mason jar candles. Grab some spare mason jars from your pantry, and some regular candle wax to pour in. You can also add your favourite food colour and aroma oils to make yourself a beautiful candle. Additionally, a touch of crochet covering will make your mason jar candle look like a masterpiece, legit! Bye-bye boring candles.


Henna Candles

Probably the easiest of all DIY things is a henna candle. Not only does it eliminate the need to buy satin ribbons, glitter glue and whatnot, but also gives your candle an authentic appeal. Play around with the kinds of designs you wish to draw on your candle, and scribble away.


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