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What Are Stylish Millennial Men Investing In? Urban poverty be damned.

What Are Stylish Millennial Men Are Investing In?

Investment pieces have the tendency to sound like Dior Calfskin Leather Sneakers or a Bvlgari Diagono. But for men, living not as royals, investment pieces mean something else entirely. This list is for those people, who live within the pleasures of work they love, amongst the company of people they adore. For whom sartorial choices in the past might have been a little elusive, but are interested and hopeful in making those right.

Belt-Shoes-Watch Set

A belt, shoes and watch set is to a man what lingerie sets are to women. We do understand your aversion towards matchy sets, however some semblance of similarity is important for you to look more put together. Two sets should sail you through weeks and months, depending on whether you want to conjoin all three in a single look or wear them individually. Pro tip: Have a set in shades of Cognac, it’s the easiest to shop for and will seamlessly fit into your closet.

A Linen Blazer

Kanye says in Love Lockdown “I’m in love with you, but the vibe is wrong, and that haunted me, all the way home”. And that I think, is exactly how we feel about the sun in India. Worse? The weather doesn’t go easy on us for the rest of the year either. So, layering up to wear formal blazers sounds like a one way trip to hellfire. For the times you absolutely must, invest in a linen blazer. Transseasonal, a linen blazer looks sleeker and more stylish than the regular ones, anyway. Pro Tip: Buy one in a pastel shade to beat the summer heat and stand out for the rest of the year.

Detailed White Shirts

Donning plain white shirts is a thing of past and if you do, you will most certainly be subjected to lawyer jokes. Why, you ask? Because there’s so much more a white shirt can offer these days. Mandarin collars, self designed stripes, collar embroidery, pocket detailing, a graphic detail, and what not! With flouncy features such as these, the white shirt has stopped looking out of place at bars and pubs alike. Invest in one so you fit in for conference meetings and cocktail hours.


We know, there’s still a bunch of you’ll out there who don’t think sneakers are worth your time and money. Let me explain. Today, sneakers have broken free of the casual setting they were such an integral part of. Today, they are available in fabrics such as leather, canvas and mesh. Sneakers, today also come in styles such as printed, embellished, embroidered and solids. Pro Tip: Depending on whether your lifestyle is casual or formal, or whether your workplace allows for creative liberties, opt for a casual pair or one that only looks like a formal one.

Plain Structured T-Shirts Ft. Microtrend

Gone are the days when t-shirts were the epitome of casual wear. With advent in how they are designed, structured and styled, t-shirts have steadily become acceptable office attire. However, if you go over and above exaggerated graphics and the stereotypical love you have for loose, fallen fabrics, you will see that t-shirts have come a long way. Pro Tip: Invest in full sleeves t-shirts that are structured, and have a set fit. This way whether they are plain or feature a bit of detailing, you’ll be able to wear them to work and beyond.

Monochrome Backpacks

Like caps and t-shirts, backpacks are not only identified with street style influencers any more. With monochromes, block colours and seamless designs, backpacks can now be carried to work. However, make sure you shop by fabric, as the jersey ones are out of trend. Pro Tip: A boxy backpack of an adequate size will double up as your weekend getaway companion.


Depending on the rate at which you lose, or break them, sunglasses can be bought and enjoyed at a variety of price points. These might only be rivaled by wallets. The truth about sunglasses is, that they are looked upon as a superfluous, trophy accessory by many. However starting to use it will convince you of their elephantine importance in your wardrobe. Pro Tip: If you are a beginner, try not to Invest a lot in your sunglasses. This way you won’t fret when you lose them, and you can keep buying more for experimentation purposes.

Trousers With A Twist

No matter what they tell you, straight fit, pleated trousers are always going to be the norm. So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of rule breaker, make trousers with a twist as your investment piece. Ankle crop trousers, wide set pants with pleats, macro checks or tapered ones are just some of your options. You will doubtless stand out from the wide sea of hetero-normative ideas about men bottom wear. Pro Tip: Tailor trousers for the best fit. This way, finding one best suited for your body type, is not something you’d have to worry about.

Choice Of Bag

Leather, whether organic or faux, manifests itself in beautiful forms these days. With spectacular craftsmanship and designer artistry, leather bags have taken over the precedence in many a brands we know. If you are all for cruelty-free products, make faux leather bags as one of your investment piece. Pro Tip: Indulge in a clutch bag, a tote or a leather briefcase based on your lifestyle and what you are most comfortable with. This way you can lug your laptop around without looking shabby and cumbersome.

Formal Shoes

When it comes to shoes, you could make Oxfords as your primary investment. However, if your workplace isn’t too prudish, you could dabble in other forms of footwear. Also, if attending weddings and evening events isn’t a huge part of your social calendar, you may not need such a heavy formal, cocktail accessory. Pro tip: Invest in mocassins that go from formal to semi casual. You could also opt for leather loafers that perfectly polish off an evening attire while looking at home in semi casuals as well.

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