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Festive Fusion Wear Stay convenient, stay classy.

Festive Fusion Wear For Men

The wedding season has descended upon us. Ethnic and festive wear tends to get quite repetitive. Put an end to the normcore fashion that will get circulated in this season. Try one of these on to find the one that fits you best. Think of this as a capsule collection for all your ethnic-festive requirements.

Shirt + Jodhpur Pants + Kolhapuris

Jodhpur Pants are not like Jodhpur bottoms. These come with a well fitted waist, and when you pair the outfit with Kolhapuris, it completes the shirt and pants balance.

Shirt + Nehru Jacket + Trousers + Leather Loafers

Here, colour balance is the key to achieving outfit perfection. While the Nehru Jacket might bring a stiff upper-lipped look, the loafers will be there to take care of it. While we are at it, festive shouldn’t always be interpreted as a saga involving crimsons and blacks. Navy, beige, powder blue, rose blush are perfect for day events too.

Shirt+ Linen Pants + Pocket Square + Jutis

Festive apparel is all about a seamless balance between structure and flow. Which brings us to this important reminder. Linen pants obviously have a better fall than formal trousers. However, you need to make sure the shirt is crisp. Otherwise you will end up making your outfit look drab. The jutis will add a nice Indian touch to it!

Bandhgala Suit + Tapered Formal Pants + Monk shoes

A bandhgala suit is thick, stiff, and straight cut and looks absolutely royal on festive occasions. To distract from the formal uppityness of the look, the tapered formal pants, probably in silk will lend the outfit fluidity. The monk shoes with the all buckle, no lace design and the availability in ombre make for a distinctively classy addition.

Bandhgala Suit + Oxfords/Formal Shoes

A bandhgala suit is already a perfect merger of Indian and Western sensibilities. What do you do to complete the transition of the Indian blazer then? Wear brogued Oxford shoes or formal shoes underneath it, so it makes for a very British, very classy ensemble.

Buttoned Up Shirt + Dhoti Pants + Boots

A dhoti is an intensely Indian garment! To combat and balance it, wear a boots for a flash of surprise at the end of your outfit. You can also minimise the Indian-ness by cutting down on the embroidery and opting for a plain, solid one instead.

Pleated Tuxedo Shirt + Bowtie + Jodhpur Pants

This one is rather experimental! A pleated and crisp tuxedo shirt and a bowtie are both part of an intensely contemporary 3 piece evening suit. Their coupling up with Jodhpur pants might come as a surprise to many, especially at a desi, festive event. But rest assured, it is sure to grab eyeballs!

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