2018 Pledge: Don’t Provoke The Fashion Police Here's how!

The fashion police are a scary bunch. It’s true that all the brouhaha about minimalism and comfort over everything has made it less tedious to ace one’s sartorial game. However, there are things you (unintentionally) pass off as “personal choice” but really are the definition of a faux pas.

Fashion is an art form, an express of self, agreed. But each artform comes with inherent norms that cannot be pardoned. So when you review 2017 in pictures, take note of the bloopers that could’ve been easily avoided and the fashion police that could’ve been easily appeased.

Unironed Georgettes

While nylon and rayon give you the luxury to save on laundry bills, georgettes and chiffons come with the nagging need of being wrinkle free. As farfetched as it may sound, straighten out your clothes a night before to avoid mishaps in the morning haste. When ironing, start from the top of the garment and work your way downwards.


Gathered Jeans

Jeans are straight, slim, cropped, flared, cuffed and frayed but not gathered. Give the churidar clan it’s due and draw a line between the two. Shop jeans with the right waist size and alter the length till your ankle or slightly above. See the instant elevation your outfit gets with this simple tweak.


Faded Fabrics

Why wait for the fashion police to strike, take matters into your own hands. A pair of faded jeans can look fierce with a plaid shirt, but discoloured blouses can look wildly shabby as part of a look. As a thumb rule, never wash coloured clothes in warm water. It makes the colour bleed excessively. If you have the time, try your hands at DIY and give your old clothes a new look.


Overstuffed Bags

Their purpose is to carry everything from phones to keys and makeup treasures. But bulging bags look like a strange anomaly. It’s off-putting and a glitch in a pristine work wear look. Get rid of old receipts, empty cosmetic containers and the rest of the universe you seem hard to let go of!

Overstuffed Prada Milano Bag


Soiled Shoes

Does anything in your wardrobe take the daily battering of mud and pebbles like your shoes do? An asset to a well-calculated outfit. But just as easily, shoes can turn on the other side and become the biggest liability you carry around if you don’t keep them clean and polished at all times. A pair of dirty shoes can kill the vibe of a stunning outfit.


Sloppy Fits

While sloppy is an art form, ill fitted clothes continue to remain perpetually offensive to the fashion police. Baggy kurtas, ultra-loose shirts and extended lengths of bottoms are some things women continue to get terribly wrong. Don’t shop clothes because they’re discounted or cute. Strictly shop by size even if there is one less dress in your closet. If comfort fit is your thing, get your loose clothes to the tailor stat!


Seasonal Dressing

Winter is passing. Which means it’s almost over in certain regions. By donning heavy knits, and structured weighty boots right now, you are breaking the norm of seasonal uniforms. Not only that, you are also flooding yourself in a pool of sweat causing inconvenience to everyone around you. So, save the massive cardigans for the bitter cold. Try sleeveless jackets or kimono shrugs to layer up in the warm weather.


Cover image courtesy: Cosmo&Fries


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