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Fall Winter q & a: A Dimpi Sanghvi Exclusive! Your seasonal wardrobe queries, resolved!

Fall Winter q & a: A Dimpi Sanghvi Exclusive!

Folks and friends! Here’s kickstarting our new segment titled STYFI Spotlight! Here, we speak to our friends in fashion and get their personalised inputs regarding the current season, trends and everything in between.

Our first guest is the stunning Dimpi Sanghvi, the creator and curator of Wardrobe Secrets. She managed to soothe our worries regarding wardrobe dilemmas for fall of 2017 with such ease! Suffice it to say, we’ll be constantly peeking on her Instagram to gain closet inspiration throughout this season.

Q1: One new item/trend you’re excited to try in Fall/Winter 2017?

Dimpi: I love dressing up in winter because I get to wear coats, jackets, boots, stockings and so much more! For some reason, when it came to coats, I’d always stuck to the basic uniform style with subtle colours. But, this season, I’ve promised myself, I am going to experiment more. Vibrant colours & prints such as checkered coats that garnered so much attention during Vogue Paris show, are mainly on my wishlist!

Q2: One colour you think will dominate this season.

Dimpi: According to me, Burgundy is going to be this season’s dominant colour. It has such a calm and composed feel to it. The best part is it’s not too in your face, but it’s also unmissable! From coats to oversized knits and accessories, there’s an entry point in burgundy for every lady this fall.

Q3: Which pop culture icon is currently inspiring your closet?

Dimpi: I absolutely adore Selena Gomez‘s style. She’s always on point, but it also seems like it comes naturally to her. You’ll see her wearing coats, jackets and boots most of the time. My closet is most definitely inspired by her. I have lots of jackets in denim and leather, overcoats, boots, shorts too, all of which is inspired by her dressing style.

Q4: What’s on your playlist right now?

Dimpi: High energy songs for sure! They’re such a mood lifter, I love listening to them. I also love dancing so we’re a match made in heaven! So ya! My playlist is always filled with the biggest hit pop songs.

Q5: What’s the one thing you love about STYFI?

Dimpi: STYFI is a one stop shop for all the fashion needs of a woman. From clothing to accessories, bags to footwear, you name it and they have it. It has been curated really well too, based on the latest trends and styles.*

Note: *Shoutout to our stylists there, you’l are amazing!


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