What You Should Buy In 2018 Based On Your Zodiac Sign Whatever your trend report, horoscopy is always trending!

What You Should Buy In 2018 Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Whether you think horoscopy is a load of bull, or you make your life revolve around your daily predictions, fact is horoscopy is fun. Especially if it leads to more fun activities such as shopping! Check what you need to buy and add to cart.


The fire sign that flits in and out of friend circles, jobs and relationships alike, 2018 seems to be the year you finally gain some focus. We know your energetic, full-of-life persona is hard to nail down, but this year you will be unstoppable in the sense of getting things done. A good time for your career, finish your pending work asap.

What to buy? Smart casuals or semi formal wear.

What to wear? Lemon Green/Emerald Green.


We know you spent 2017 shrouded in dilemmas, self-doubt and uncertainty, but now no more! 2018 promises to be a year of change. A peaceful, happy year, where you’ll even be able to take time out for yourself. Venus promises to shine luck on your new ventures and relationships, so don’t forget to take that further.

What to buy? Rebellious street style.

What to wear? Apple Green/Vermillion Red.


Your dual personality is what you get ragged on for, but we know it’s difficult for you to make your inner cosmos happy. You will be exuding vitality and energy, quite a contrast from the melancholic routine you’d become uncomfortable with. With things settling down on the major fronts and new projects flagging off, you must ensure to keep your mind and body fresh.

What to buy? Active wear.

What to wear? Light Grey/Green.


Gone are the days when you seemed to bottle love inside of you. 2018 is all about prioritising what’s important and to be grateful for it. With your emotional instincts getting stronger and communication lines getting better, it’s time to let go of the fear. Whether it’s your job, your lover or yourself, wear your heart on your sleeve this year!

What to buy? Slogan tees.

What to wear? Turquoise Blue/Carmine Red.


With the fearless Leo, taking chances doesn’t seem like too much of an effort to others. But only you know waiting at the start line, preparing to take that leap. This year though, you must try new things; eat, pray and love in renewal! And once you do that, you will see that 2018 will turn out to be one of the most fast paced year with dynamic changes.

What to wear? White/Gold/Copper.


Hi perfectionist! It’s time to stop doing the usual and be firm on a few decisions. 2018 promises to be a busy year for you analytical people, so pay close attention to details. Things might get slightly difficult, but it’s time for the verdict, finally! You will either try, soar and thrive or conclude that somethings are not meant for you.

What to buy? Detailed clothing.

What to wear? Turquoise Green/Cyan Blue.


The personification of style and grace, 2018 seems to be an easy year chock-a-block with relaxed spans of time. This year you need to make time for your hobbies and makeup for lost passions. Who knows where that might lead you! Creativity is the key to success after all so envision the highest version of yourself, and start pushing your boundaries.

What to buy? Artsy, casual holiday wear.

What to wear? White/Green/Blue.


An auspicious year ahead, the dreams you’ve been scared to sow the seeds of, seem to finally achieve fruition. The choices made this year will affect your future for decades to come, so tread with a lot of gumption. With Jupiter in your cycle, the choices you make now to achieve the life of your dreams, promise to reap positive outcomes.

What to buy? Indian ethnic wear.

What to wear? White/Prussian Blue.


We know you’re an intelligent being so you probably know what’s coming up. We know it’s tough to go through change no matter how much it’s needed. But this year, any unsustainable ventures will collapse, and significant changes will occur. Trust us, it’s all for the good. Since you love to learn new things, these changes big or small, promise a learning curve like no other!

What to wear? Khaki Green/Tangerine.


This is the year you will cross a lot of ‘first times’ from your list. Whether places you’ve never lived in or projects you’ve never undertaken before. We know you’re strong, enduring and adaptable so you will make the most of all the opportunities coming your way. Since, you will finally start living for your best interests, you’re more likely to be in a good mood this year.

What to buy? Black outfits/Party wear.

What to wear? Blue/Pine/Green.


2018 seems to be your jam where you achieve greater emotional mobility. You learn to focus on different aspects of life, clearly winning at multitasking. Do not fear the teamwork that inevitably comes along with it. You will become better, more well-rounded, more generous, empathetic and selfless. Know that you are striving for a greater purpose, all along.

What to buy? Balanced, colour blocked clothing.

What to wear? Red/Apple Green/Sky Blue.


The time has come to put into action all that you’ve learnt in the past. Don’t let that gather dust, we promise it will lead to new jobs and opportunities. Welcome the upheavals and all the transformations you will doubtless undergo, you will emerge from this storm stronger and a better man. The question is whether you will let yourself fly.

What to buy? Formal wear.

What to wear? Green and all its shades.


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