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9 Must Have Items From An Era That Will Surprise You Capsule wardrobe for instant style upgrade.

9 Must Have Items From An Era That Will Surprise You

No props to you for guessing the era we’re talking about is retro. We’ve been on that wagon since 2018 began and honestly there’s no getting tired of it. Well, there is but only if you overdo it. It’s correct what they say, everything is good in moderation. So, we’re giving out a list of 9 items you must shop for asap. These items are miniature retro essence holders, so you can keep that ball rolling till the end of the year.

Small Red Sunglasses

So, Bella and Gigi Hadid were clearly onto something, when they showed up wearing these small red sunglasses in different shapes and sizes, everywhere they went. They may not be the best at offering protection from the rising sun. But, sneak these in with classic combos such as a t-shirt and jeans or racer backs and high risers.


White Calf Length Socks

Despite being borrowed from the ‘Tea Dresses with Mary Jane’ look, we need to separate the two elements, what with it being 2018 and looking costume-esque is not a part of the deal. So, channel your white calf length socks with something a bit more modern. Examples include calf crop denims, closed loafers and mini skater skirts.


Mom Jeans

If left to our devices, we could be singing the praises of this item for a long time to come. Unanimously voted as universally flattering, mom jeans are high risers that end any damn way they want. From ankle crops to straight cuts, comfort and boyfriend fits to skinnies that are sexy beasts, mom jeans are what all your jeans should aspire to be.


Big Textured Hoops

There was (is?) a phase when minimal jewellery rose among ranks. There was also a phase when hoops made an appearance since they are also minimal in nature. In 2018 though since we’re attaching a loud/fearless aesthetic to everything, big textured hoops are coming out to play. Wear it as a standalone jewellery piece, may be complemented by hardware detailing on your mini sling bag.



This ridge velvet fabric keeps making a comeback every couple of years, and huge fans that we are, we welcome it with the same zest and zeal. Wonder why we let it go in the first place! Anyway, now that retro corduroy is back with a bang, let’s give it its due and make it 2018 appropriate. Think on-trend hues, comfort silhouettes, loose outerwear and funnel pants.


Ruffled Tea Dresses

It’s not a stretch when we say that frills and ruffles had a massive moment in 2017. As for tea dresses, I don’t know why we relegated them to the back of our closets. They’re perfect for day outs and with specific tweaks and cuts can be incorporated into work wear as well. Continuing on the note of minimalism though, let’s keep the ruffles to a contemporary level.


Polka Dots

Is there a print that’s enjoyed more of a resounding success than this cute one! From big to small – polka dot sizes as well as the ages it’s appropriate for – we’ve seen them all and basked in their versatility. This year though, let’s either include them in sundresses or torso wear. The closer they are to your face, the more flattering they turn out to be.


Printed Bandanas

No matter what you wear, printed bandanas make for a quirky little throwback element to your outfit. Whether you decide to tie one in your hair, around your ankle, or on the strap of your bag, ensure the base of your outfit is either solid or constitutes basic typical prints. For bandana designs, we’re thinking Spanish florals, Cuban tropics or Indian paisleys.


Square Toed Loafers

Square toed loafers are like an instant facelift to your outfit. Oozing femininity or not, these retro things are perfect to introduce an element of androgyny, thus making you look very ‘with the times’. The closed nature ensures they’re office and club appropriate while the colours can add a tinge of drama while making you look put together.



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