7 Excuses We Have All Made To Sound Anti-Valentines Because no valentine = no heartbreak!

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We’ve obviously hit peak romance right now because February 14th is two days away. Some couples have fulfilled their legacy and ordered not-at-all-saccharine gifts such as gigantic teddy bears and talking Valentine’s cards.

Irrespective of whether I am with someone or without, Valentine’s Day has always sounded tiresome to me. However, my excuses for not celebrating it have changed every year! Here’s me documenting all the reasons for my seasonal allergies.

All Men Are Same

I am not going to celebrate Valentine’s this year ‘cuz all men are idiots! Sidenote – They’re not.

However, the truth is, when the roses start withering and the love cloud bursts, what follows is a heartbreak extremely inevitable, yet avoidable. Is it really worth it? Necessary? Do I have the time for such suffering? No offense, but if your ‘Main BAE’ has been consistently behaving like an onion a.k.a making you cry, sounds like you need to cross over to my side!

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V-Day, Too Cliche!

Oh Valentine’s Day is such a cliche! It’s turned into such a mainstream entity, complete with capitalist agendas and commercialist fabrications. Pragmatic, practical me does not have time for such frivolous, fluffy activities! What havoc is being created to celebrate a miniscule emotion!

We’ve all been there. Tbh though, it’s completely ok to be excited to see your partner or be sad about being single. Trash defense mechanisms 2018, anyone?

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Relationships? I Am Married To My Work, Bruh!

It’s an excuse we’ve all made. Since, nobody gets an off from work on 14th, we all love to blindside ourselves by assuming workaholic roles that pay well. Dividends and returns are better when you invest that money into your career rather than your mcm. At least, your career won’t leave you overnight for no reason, amirite?

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Did Someone Say Girls Night Out?

Let’s be honest: Loneliness or not, our Galentine Gang is always a great excuse. Beers and biryanis have replaced roses and chocolates. Some years, the excitement of spending a day with your gal pals overrides boyfriends or the lack thereof! From career prospects to PLL, everything sounds better hashed out with the girls!

Girls Night Out For Valentine's Day


Love Doesn’t Need A Day, Baby!

Single people don’t have to worry about calling S.Os at midnight or sending multiple I Love You texts to appease the higher powers. Similarly, Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be an excuse for coupled people to express their love. Young couples flitting in and out of toxic relationships, falling for peer pressure, without understanding themselves, is a turn off from this love charade.

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Single-hood Is The Real BAE!

Love may be the answer to everything, but some of us probably haven’t figured out the question yet! According to me, being single out of choice is one of the most empowered you will ever be. It was an excuse that recurrently featured in my repertoire! “But I love being single and dating around ya!” If you’ve not found the one yet, go ahead and make the most of your singledom. Meet new people! Not only will you figure out your dating likes and dislikes, you will have a million stories to tell.


V-Day Is For High-School Sweethearts!

Valentine’s Day? What are we, sweaty teenagers in high school meeting in secret? Thanks, but no thanks. I mean, we had a good run. But as a grown up, who has to file her taxes, choreograph a dance sequence for a friend’s wedding and fit in a dermat appointment, the Valentine’s Day brouhaha seems pointlessly elaborate. Especially when I can be a better partner and try and make my S.O feel special more frequently than once a year!

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