5 Reasons Why We Love Men Who Work Out Ditch the proverbial couch today!

5 Reasons Why We Love Men Who Workout - STYFI

Dear men, can the benefits of workout be overstated? I think not. Men who workout are favoured by women and envied by men. While we all want a piece of those rippling, yummy muscles, it’s difficult to squeeze in workout time, owing to overflowing schedules.

Speaking of overflowing schedules, if you’re finding it difficult to workout, here’s some motivation, so you know why women love men who workout. And, if you’re worried about stocking your workout apparel, we got experts calling the shots as well.

So, you don’t sit about twiddling your thumbs anymore!

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Adventure Collision

Wild and spontaneous men have a good rep in the dating world. Regular fitness fans are better able to take on adventures. Hiking in the Himalayas? In! Backpacking in Ladakh? Heck yeah! Cycling trip to Goa? When do we leave?

It could be chalked up to how physical fitness allows you to stay clear of cliched and monotonous dates. Whatever the reason, indulge in exciting agendas with a companion is always fun! Bungee jumping, anyone?


For The Joy Of It

If you’re looking for a fixer upper project, a DIY task sounds amazing! A man? Not so much. Consider this a fervent appeal to say no to grown up cry babies. Because men who workout, are not. Since working out releases your ‘happy chemicals’, men who do so are emotionally healthy, confident, organised, and generally more put together. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? Working out puts everything in perspective. Have a decision to make? Walk. Feeling weak? Walk. Feeling woke? Walk. It’s THE solution!


Achievable Goals

Want to learn coding, but wallowing in self doubt? Not if you workout. Say goodbye to comfort zones and push your phantom limits to infinity. The invincibility in your potential makes other challenges seem scalable. A successful man is infinitely more appealing, more so when garbed in dapper ensemble.


Ageing Gracefully

Contrary to popular belief, ageing, doesn’t have to mean weak spines and bad knees. Behold the powers of a regular workout routine! Not only will it shave a few years off your age, but also strengthen your bones and muscles, dramatically. Say yes to swimming, running and hiking, when you’re 70, while you look 40. *Cough* Milind Soman *cough*.


Bedroom Performance

Working out tones your body, obviously. It also makes you happy, confident and healthy, doing wonders for your libido, as well as your sex appeal. Your stamina reaches a whole new level, setting you up for a deliverable A-game. Also, men who workout are more used and fearless towards a bit of pain, if that’s where your interests lie!

So, embrace the newfound thrill and vigour, and let your partner thank you for your workout routine.

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