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5 Items That Took A Break From Being Styled The Clichéd Way Bye, boring!

5 Items That Took A Break From Being Styled The Clichéd Way

If I could watch a video montage of this year’s most precious fashion moments, I bet most of them would feature items styled in a way we never even dreamed of before today. Every time we’ve seen an item pop out of hiding, it’s been full of pleasant surprises. When we saw our hottest street stars display sartorial acumen towards items naturally found in our closet, we were struck by the beauty of it all. Not just that, we thought, hell, why didn’t we think of that before!

So think of this as a slight nudge if you may. These are items currently on a break from being styled the cliched way. These are also items easily found in most of our closets! Win win, I say!

Sports Bras

Like vodka meant as a sugarless alcoholic drink for white women around the world, sports bras have upgraded from being the gym staple of ladies with pre-sculpted bodies. Today, a sports bra is no more mechanised or boring. It comes in evil colours that entice, complete with micro-trends such as cut-outs, mesh inserts, pretty prints and stunning necklines.

Wear under bomber jackets or even blazers, paired with jersey pants and sneakers or luxe jogger pants and scarpins.

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Pyjama Tops

A personal favourite, pyjama tops have always been immensely pretty and comfortable. The world collectively went ‘oh damn’ when we first saw Selena wear them on the streets of Paris. Didn’t we all wonder why we’d kept one of the cutest garments in our closet under wraps for all these years? Pyjama tops are shiny, satiny, come in a volley of colours and are generally well received in nightclubs and grocery stores alike. They’re also cosy in case sleep beckons when you’re at the club haha.

Wear haphazardly with skinny denims and heels or with a slashing neckline and a bralette.

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Swimsuits (Monokinis)

When they launched, monokinis were frail, unidirectional and very unoriginal. Beach wear is what they were primarily, obviously meant as. Today, they are collared, come in prints, waist cut outs and silhouettes that wow. They are ruffled, sometimes frilled and basically seem thrilled to be out and about.

Wear anywhere you deem fit as bodysuits, over skirts, denims or oversized dresses.

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Imagine going from torso wear to a dress to also an accessory? Yes, that’s exactly how jumpers have been promoted in 2017. For someone that were infamous as ugly christmas garments, jumpers today have become too hot for their own good. We probably have Kylie to thank for that. Today, an oversized jumper of your dad is your dress for the day. You could also use it as a tie-up around your waist for a strapless-sleeveless dress, you’re planning to binge eat in.

Wear with boots and a tote for a comfortable ensemble for a night about town.

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Black Leggings

Well, it’s not like black leggings went from being bottom wear to outerwear or something, but their advancement in our collective closets has not gone unnoticed. The fabric has become thicker, more comfortable and of course versatile. Once upon a time, black leggings were the unfortunate go-to in case creativity didn’t strike you in the morning. Paired underneath kurtas, they were boring and run down.

Today, wear with mesh inserts and ripped fabrics, with oversized shirts and boots in a grunge sort of way.

Or with short tucked in shirts for formal meetings.

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