The 5 Bags You Need For A Handbag Capsule Wardrobe Onwards and upwards, my ladies.

The 5 Bags You Need For A Handbag Capsule Wardrobe

Fashion insiders will attest to capsule wardrobes being the newest trend to hit and take off. Minimal, clutter free and sustainable, capsule wardrobes indulge in the spirit of shopping in a limited manner. Perfect to put your styling abilities to test, no? Like your shoes, your handbag also speaks volumes about your style. That’s why it’s always, best to invest in a handbag that’s of good quality and is versatile. I am always on the look for those classic handbag pieces. But since I am a minimalist at heart, I need good quality handbags without those fussy details. They also need to be functional and practical. After much research I landed up on Eske Paris. If you want good quality handbags, then I suggest you give this brand a look! Eske Paris is for the modern consumer that is discerning, well travelled and fashion conscious. It’s a brand that will perfectly compliment your lifestyle and match your aspirations. It has luxurious pieces that are handcrafted with fine craftsmanship that incorporates beautiful, feminine designs. While working on building the perfect capsule wardrobe to de-clutter my life, I have found these 5 bags, that would suit any occasion and become an indomitable part of that perfect handbag capsule wardrobe. Let’s start with these!

A Sling/Crossbody: Myra Navy Blue Sling

Theme: Day In, Day Out Whether you’re out strolling the sun kissed lanes of the city or sipping latte with your girlfriends in your favourite coffeehouse, Myra by Eske Paris makes for the perfect companion for your adventures. Sure, it’s a classic, but the navy blue colour is what makes it so new age. It will be there for you irrespective of what you wear. Not just that, it will also be your companion in championing for the right to carry your bedroom on your back.


A Tote: Joan Black Tote

Theme: The ‘Got-it-all’ From running errands at the farmer’s market to following it up with a dinner and a movie, Joan by Eske Paris has got your back with all your essentials in place when you need them. A colour and texture that screams Boss Lady, this structured tote is perfect for no-nonsense, fuss free days. You can also turn it into an emergency kit for when you decide to crash at your girlfriend’s!


A Backpack: Georgina Tan Backpack

Theme: Sunny Side Up! Pick your adventure and set out to outshine the sun with your partner in crime Georgina by Eske Paris. This backpack has stolen our hearts and how! It’s making us dream of sun-kissed lands and exciting safaris, all from the comforts of our desks. A gorgeous tan colour, offset by the gold zip detailing, this backpack is free from prints and textures thus giving you the liberty to style it any way you want!


A Clutch: Reza Blingy Clutch Bag

Theme: Where’s The Party At? Raise the bar and bring out the bling quotient in your party night with the glamorous Reza by Eske Paris. This clutch bag is bold, charismatic and high on life. Is there anything un-sexy about it at all? I think not! The stylist in me is waiting for me to finish writing so I can go add it to my cart! Reza will be your companion when you finally decide you’ve had it with the sea of black, grey and silver clutches at a party. The texture, the colour and the unapologetically glamorous sheen will literally change your mood in a heartbeat.


Everyday Shoulder Bag: Delmira Grey Handbag

Theme: Business And Pleasure (or I mean Business) With Delmira by Eske Paris, add the perfect accessory to your board room presentations and brunch with the ladies. Is it lilac? Is it grey? The mystery continues, thus making it perfect for when you’re trying to get a point across. Delmira is independent, assertive and so so lady-like. Delmira is a clear sign that you know what you want, and aren’t afraid to have it. Thus making it so easy to make a first impression!


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