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10 Must Have Items For Lazy Girls All you pretty sloths, unite.


Well, obvs in our own bedrooms! So, lazy girls, here’s the easiest, most logical guide to assembling a wardrobe fit for all of us. Think of it as a capsule closet you beloved nap enthusiasts, that has the power to function in isolation, but also in combination with the rest of the stuff you own.

Pointy Toe Boots

Let us introduce you to a handy trick called spotlighting. It basically means directing attention towards a single item or aspect of your ensemble. It could have been anything, but we chose shoes. Specifically, pointy toe boots. Mainly because of their staying power and how well they pull an outfit together. Also, you can literally throw anything on and still look like you tried.

A Sling Bag

Slings bags are all rad but wait till you hear about the structured ones in a bold colour. If broader straps make you retch, it just means you have good taste in fashion. So stick to thinner, adjustable straps, a healthy size and one in the the hue of French Pinot Noirs. Not only can you change the sling size based on what you are wearing, you will also never have to change your bag. Lazy girls win!

A Shirt Dress

A shirt dress is kind of perfect because you can eat as much as you want without worrying about the mid-day paunch. You can choose to opt for 0 accessories, because have you seen how cool shirt dresses are on their own? Forget having to worry about the fit, fall and cut, but also forget about stressing over waxed hands.

Ring Sets

We suggest you store a set of rings in that sling bag we spoke of earlier. No need to bang in and out of your closet drawers in the morning. Just slip them on on your way to work/college and you’ll instantly notice how accomplished you will feel. Best bit? You can choose to wear one, two or all five depending on the occasion.

White Jeans

We know, white jeans require washing more often than regular old ones do. Quite contrary to the point we are establishing here. But, white denims are your quickest bet to look like a polished, gorgeous suburban something. And if your denims come ripped, you are that much closer to resembling your favourite Instagram influencer.

A Bralette

A bralette is literally ‘lazy girls hacks 101’ ‘cuz there’s very little you need to do anymore. No foraging for laundered clothes and dry cleaned tops anymore. Whether you decide to go braless and free your girls is completely upto you. What you can do is, tug a shirt (yes, even your dad’s!) over your bralette if the coverage is something that bothers you.


Stockings are soon to be the one item in your closet you are about to begin a toxic, unhealthy relationship with. They allow you to wear hot dresses you’ve been eyeing, even if you’ve skipped waxing seshs back to back! Enough said?


Crashed and burned last night, while your makeup did the same? Not that we recommend this, but we got your back. You know what they say. Have enough conviction in your heart and last night’s mascara can totes be today’s smokey eye. Eyeglasses promise to be your partner in a crime that we’ve all committed one time or the other.

A Kurta

A lot of you might frown over this totally #desibasic garment, but it all depends on your sartorial pickings. Opt for a pastel one that’s a size too big and pair it with denims (distressed please!) and point no. 2. You’ll notice the kind of badass it will make you seem. An unwaxed, queen of lazy girls sorority kinda badass, nonetheless.

Standout Hair Accessory

There might come a day where lazy girls might be seen defending their choice to wear a lace top with jersey track pants and screaming femleisure into the universe. We hope you at least have a decent hair accessory to support you. It could be a pom pom bow, or even a diamonte studded clip. We just hope it’s there.


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