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0 Budget Ways To Update Your Tired Wardrobe There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Yes, there is.

0 Budget Hacks To Upgrade Your Tired Wardrobe

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. We gon turn that around and enjoy some (multiple) bigass free meals around here. Wardrobe melancholia is a real thing. It’s easy to get sucked into a blackhole that starts with ‘I have nothing to wear’, and goes till ‘I should probably join a hobby class’. To cancel wardrobe melancholia and begin with closet utopia, we should be more proactive. Here are a few ways I do that myself!

Scarves = Belts

Scarves have become bland and boring. Blame it on the fact that they’re now the official headgear for two-wheelers. I mean, helmets have been relegated to a secondary position because of the damn things. But please stop. Go out, buy a few scarves in bright preppy colours. Poppy red, ultramarine blue or Brazil green and tie them as belts even when your denims are tight enough at the waist.

Formal Shirts = Good Girl Gone Bad

Silk camis should probably be the first ones that go in your emergency kit. For when you’re too stressed, sad or exhausted to change after work, camis, racer-backs and single strap vests will bail you out. Either you throw your work shirt on it, or wear them over your plain white tees. The fabric of the camis is of utmost importance though. Entry is limited to silk, satin or velvet only.

Bow Down

You know those generously sized, gorgeous bows that remind you of the Upper East Side all thanks to Blair Waldorf? Well, if the fabric matches or the colours complement my mules, sandals or a pretty footwear I am wearing, I like to clip those on, so my feet get to look that pretty too. Hence, always buy those bows in pairs, you never know the kind of symmetrical dalliance you’d be attempting some day.

Finger Rings = Hair Accessories

It’s only the titanic accessories that we notice. We treat our tiny little ones with so much presumption, we barely think of using them in alternate settings. Finger rings are one such victim of our indifference. The big ones you can easily loop through the end of your braid, while the minimal ones you can use to loop through single sections of the braid.

Leather String Chokers & Bracelets

The most iconic comeback award should probably go to chokers. A phenomenon as big as Britney Spears graced our necks universally in 2016 and the ensuing year too. Why not learn to multitask and use leather and suede strings as bracelets that complement our watches and are upgraded to chokers as well! The lace ones and the big plastic ones are out anyway. Understatement is the name of the game!

Maxi Skirts = Tube Dresses

If you ever feel a dearth of dresses and your freshly waxed legs are going to waste, simply lump on a maxi skirt like a tube dress. You don’t even need to belt it with all the shirt dress and androgynous dresses doing the rounds. Comfort fit is in sisters and we’re going to exploit that till the sun rises from the other end.

Fray Your Denims

An oldie but a goldie. Especially now, considering the trends we’re currently running after. Sure it takes a craft-y woman to nail this, but razors have been our best friends since puberty so I am sure that’s not a problem. With frayed, split and slit hemlines currently on every girl’s wishlist, take a blunt razor to your old denims and make them belong to the here and now.

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