0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples ‘Cuz impressing your partner should not be expensive!

0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples

Every Valentine’s day, a romantic date is planned, a weekend getaway is dreamt of and a candle awaits in anticipation of dinner dates. Yes, it’s all hoots and woots but isn’t a tiny part of you thinking of your purse strings? We did some ground work for you and got you date ideas you’ll enjoy all the more since they involve 0 budget!

Challenge Your S.O

Complacency in a relationship breeds boredom. So, why not get competitive together, challenge each other? If you’re both fond of writing, assign words for a quartet writing contest. Have a karaoke session or a masterchef class. Or both together! Singing and cooking go so well together, anyway!0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples Karaoke


Picnic + Movie Marathons = <3

Stop cribbing about the hideously expensive food you get inside multiplexes. This is a flawless date idea right here! Pack scrumptious goodies…wine, hummus – pita bread, some cheesecake..Download movies you’ve bookmarked since a while and lay out a picnic for two.

0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples Picnic Movies


Each One, Teach One

What good is a relationship if it doesn’t mean sharing your passions with your partner? Break free of the rut and teach each other something interesting. Whether it’s a childhood dream like riding a bike, an artsy passion such as knife painting, a cutesy task like puppetry or something amazing like magic tricks. Get your partner to blow your mind with their talents this Valentine!

0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples Fishing


Volunteer Together

We suggest you relocate your date entirely. Skip the fancy restaurant and drive down to your nearest NGO. You could teach a class there together. If you’re a dog lover, a shelter is what you need! But yes, definitely volunteer together. Spreading love with the one you love is an immeasurably joyous activity.


Home Spa

You know how when we were kids, we’d play office office, or home home, and real life situations like that? Now that those real life situations are playing out, run to the sanctity of playing spa at home. Give each other hot oil massages, face masks and de-tan treatments. Made out of items found very easily in the kitchen, this is super easy and also super relaxing.

0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples Home Spa


Cook And Bake

Since everything is fun when you’re with your partner in crime, try your hand at cooking delightfully detailed recipes. Instead of one organising a date for the other, do it together and plan a seven course meal. Bake cookies. And maybe even cakes, cupcakes and other sugary treats. Wear your red dress and light up your dinner table!

0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples Eating Cooking Baking


Online Tutorials

What fun would it be if someone you love combined with something you love. Find your shared interests and take an online class together. There’s tons of free tutorials available and even some that give you a certificate for an extremely nominal fee. You’ll learn together, laugh at mistakes, make memories and generally have a blast!


Drinking Games

Found in great abundance in the mad mad world of web, drinking games are one to ensure you have an insane night. Pick your favourite (cheapest?) bottle of liquor, call for cheap Chinese takeaway and proceed to trash your partner in the depths of gaming hell. By the end of the night, we promise you a tummy ache from all the laughter.

0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples Drinking Games


Hello, Creativity!

Whether it’s your room, your partner’s or one that you share, it goes without saying that it must hold an element of your partner’s. While splashes of bright colours are generally fantastic, this year take advantage of this V-day and get creative. Hop onto Pinterest and build something together. Whether it is home decor DIYs, origami or lego building, fun is to be had.

0 Budget Date Ideas For Young Couples Origami Home Decor DIY



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